OMNI Healthcare Real Estate Services

Tenant Representation and Relocation

We are seasoned experts in helping you find a new location. We meet with you to understand your needs and wants.  We perform demographic and other analysis of your desired location.  We put together the offer or letter of intent.  We represent you and negotiate the terms of the lease including rent, tenant improvement credits, parking, signage, etc.  We assist with providing contacts for vendors that specialize in healthcare – banks, designers, contractors, attorneys, etc.  We monitor your project and keep in contact until you are open for business.

Lease Renewal

We help you by providing comparables and market trends in your area.  We negotiate with the landlord to ensure you receive the best terms possible.


Looking to buy an owner occupied building or office condo, we can help.  We locate buildings or condo offices that are for sale that meet your requirements and then perform financial and demographic analysis.  We prepare a letter of intent or offer to the seller.  We assist with the feasibility and other contingencies of the purchase.  We provide assistance and consulting in obtaining financing.  We negotiate the terms of the sale.  We are with you all the way to closing.

Landlord Representation

If you own a medical/dental office building, veterinary building, or would like a healthcare tenant in your building or space, then we are the brokers for you.  We advertise in numerous healthcare journals and aggressively market to fill your space with the healthcare professional of your desire.  We help with the lease negotiations and ensure the tenant will be a great tenant for many years to come.


As we are the only full service healthcare real estate brokerage in Washington, we are in constant contact with investors, individuals and groups looking to acquire medical office buildings.  We represent you in ensuring you have the best professional representation possible.

Investment Services

With our backgrounds in financial and real estate analysis, we can assist you in acquiring investment properties, land for ground up construction, or owner occupied building.  We have a team of partners we work with that can assist with the financing and legal work to ensure it is done right.